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My home town Lanark

Picture of Lanark

[The Royal Burgh of Lanark]


Lanark's statue of William Wallace

Sir William Wallace

(AD1272 - AD1305)

Wallace coat of arms

"from Outlaw to Guardian of Scotland"

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Immunoassay Animation's

Red Pin image The animation's were the product of my work experience after my Postgraduate Diploma in IT from Glasgow University, in association with Dr. Bob Cowan.
Red Pin image It's primary designed to illustrate the nature of immunological techniques for the clinical staff of the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Glasgow Royal Infirmary University NHS Trust.
Red Pin image To view the animation's you require:
  1. Netscape Navigator 2.0 (or above)
  2. and have either the Macromedia Shockwave Flash or Shockwave Internet browser plug-in installed in your browser's plug-in folder or directory.
Red Pin image Then "CLICK" on the button below:

Immunoassay animation's.

The immunoassay animation's are also available on the University Department of Pathology Biochemistry home page.

[ Immunoassay animation's.]


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